SIP session works, no audio

Hey everybody. I recently setup a Linksys WIP300. It works great inside of my office (In the same subnet as the Asterisk box), clear, no trouble being called, etc. When I take it home, though, and connect to my wireless network… Tha handset registers with the Asterisk box without trouble. In fact, I can place calls and watch them in the CLI, and even call the handset without trouble. Problem is, there is no audio in either direction.

Here is what I am doing with my network, just to give everybody an idea:

Asterisk server - - Works fine inside the network.

xxx.65.173.50:5060 ==> - Port forwarding in m0n0wall for the Asterisk server.

Handset - - Running NAT behind xxx.177.19.106. STUN is running on the handset. I can see the proper IP address in the SIP registration on the server.

The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps using NAT on both ends is causing a problem. If I can’t get it to work this way, I am going to give a public IP address to the Asterisk server and do it that way, but I’d rather not if I can find a solution :smile:

Figured I’d post here hoping somebody else has come across this problem before and has found a way around it

Thanks much!

Try forward the rtp ports (/etc/asterisk/rtp.conf) used by Asterisk too, in the moonwall firewall.


Marco Bruni

Ah! Yes, that did it. But I also added the following line to sip.conf…

externip=xxx.65.173.52 ; Asterisk external IP
localnet= ; Asterisk local private net

** xxx.65.173.52 - first octet hidden from this post for security reasons :wink:

Works great now