Audio mute


I just want to ask this thng if this is normal or not.
imagine two end points are talking with SIP (X-Lite Phone)
I used Xlite1 and my friend in X-Lite2
when i talk i can described in my mind that there is connectivity bet.
Me and my friend because i can hear things in the background of my
friend but when i dont talk and my friend dont talk i can say there is no connectivity
or there is something blocking our audio medium because I and my friend dont
hear from the background. Its like Mute Mode when nobody is talking in the channel.
This is vice versa situation.

Is this normal?
Can i remove that block and hear the background of my friend and likewise my
friend hear my background when we are not talking but still connected?
What factor precisely causes this?
What is needed to solve this?

I have P4 3 GHz, 256 RAM 40HDD

And during that scenario we are the only avtive channel
i mean no body is accessing the Asterisk Server

Please Help


comfort noise suppresion - or something like this.
Asterisk dosnt support it yet.
Meaning noise suppresion is working - but it is not comfort - according my understandings - I am not sure.

Turn off silent suppression on the soft phones

oh yah its working… Thank you very much for the quick reply:)

Another thing, Now that i can hear the background of the other end even no one of us talking in the midle of our connection, it seems there is engine or we are in the location which
a machine is being operated, or like we are riding a train or bus.

Is this normal in VOIP enigne-like background sound while there is connectivity?

Is that can be minimized or even remove from our ears and retain the normal backround?

Can VOIP have quality as POTS, where if you talk and listen its like tallking infront of the person (im referring to its clarity and smooth brackground to listen)?

How about our incoming Digium card would it help in solving this?

or this is still under experiment?

Pleas Help

Anyone knows about this?
please help