I can call/get called but we can't hear anything

I am using x-lite to connect to my Asterisk server which uses a voip provider. Now when I make a call I can’t hear anything, neither does the other party hear anything. However when I internally call to my voicemail and record something then it works. Also when someone else calls to my voicemail it works too.

If someone calls to a number with a menu, he also hears the menu. Just real human voice isn’t working. Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Are you getting immediate disconnection on answering or just silence?


Just silence.


Is there a firewall between?

SIP uses defauklt port 5060.
Voice will be transported from port 10000 - 20000

The silence issues I’ve seen have almost always been related to NAT/firewall problems. If your Asterisk box is running behind NAT, you’ll need to port forward UDP ports 5060 and 10,000-20,000 (as mentioned above) to your Asterisk box. Additionally, inside of you sip.conf file, make sure you have the externip setting with your router’s publically accessible IP as well as adjusting your localnet setting to point to your internal network scheme. Here’s an example:
externip =
localnet =