ATA (simple) with PoE

We can only locate one basic model, the Planet VIP-156PE from:

However, it is intended for use with Planet’s own PBX which uses * (asterisk) as a kind of initiate character which, of course, isn’t very practical with Asterisk as the PBX …

Also, 3Com has a more sophisticated model but it seems to work only with a 3Com PBX.

So where to look? Any suggestions, please?
(Request previously posted to the Biz forum with no luck …)


Not much response on this, so I guess no such unit exists. Strange.

However, a combo can be made with a PoE splitter and a standard ATA like the Linksys and POES5 and PAP2T:



I think the basic reason none exist is that ATAs are aimed at the Home/Soho market, whereas PoE it aimed at the enterprise market.


That is true, but two applications exist where an ATA is suited:

Connection of standard DECT wireless phones. These are widely used by receptionists, piccolos, and other internal employees on the move.

Connection of a standard phone where a special (high quality) design but no features at all are requested, for example a phone in a meeting room where you just wish to be able to place a call for an attendee or to provide an option for “anyone without instruction” to dial out to order a taxi or the like. I know, mobile phones are widely used for this but still, some request this setup.

Connection of some executive’s favourite traditional phone (“I neither want or need all that modern stuff”). These exist as well.


Yes these may exist but there are better and cheaper ways to do it, For Dect I provide IPdect systems such as the Snom or Aastra, For meeting rooms i provide basic IP sets or more often IP Conference sets. If a customer does need alog sets then I normally provide gateways.

[quote]Connection of some executive’s favourite traditional phone[/quote] In over 20 years I have never found an executive say this, They have always wanted the biggest phone with the most buttons… :wink:

Again its all down to scale realy.


Indeed, but sometimes one loves an existing phone so much that we don’t want to go into a discussion about that.

Right, that’s the other pole. Don’t we love these guys (men they are).