ATA / IAX2 / GSM or G729


Does anyone know / recommend an ATA that supports IAX2 and a compressed codec such as GSM or G729.


Sean Browne
Cardiff IT Support Ltd

i’ve used a few cheapie PA168-based ATA’s that are interchangable between SIP/IAX/MGCP/H323 that i bought on eBay for about a tenner each. they work ok, but they aren’t as good as the PAP2, even on a local network.

of course, there’s always the IAXy !! never seen one, never mind used one :smiley:

I’ve got one of these on order so no experience using it yet. And I’m going to be trying to get my DirecTV receiver to phone home through it so I’ll be using G711u.

If you need / want Life Line Support PSTN Passthru then try
they have work fine for me…

also consider a linksys PAP2 or something like it. It’s SIP-only but they are very good quality, and have lots of config options. Just don’t buy them if you need more than 2 or 3- linksys/cisco are real pricks when it comes to giving out remote provisioning info and stuff like that. You can find it on the net, but not from them and don’t count on any support unless you’re as big as Vonage and buy 2500 units a month.