Adtran 850 to TE110P. No Disconnect Supervision on FXS?


I’m having a bit of trouble sending disconnect information to the locally attached telephones (FXS). I can correctly receive information from the POTS using fxs_ks signalling on the FXO interfaces; however, I don’t seem to get the same result using fxo_ks on the FXS interfaces.

I see the RA bit flipped to 1 on the status screen briefly at the end of the call. What happens is that the phone stays connected and I get a busy signal (regular, not fast, I think) I don’t want a busy signal…I just want the system to hang up on the handset.

Should I be using e&m signalling or something like that? I can’t find a lot of documentation about it.



Maybe I’m missing something here, but doesn’t getting the busy signal on your handsets mean Asterisk has indeed hung up on you? Are you expecting to hear a dial tone or nothing at all from the handset instead of a busy signal?

I have a similar setup as a test bed: an A101 connected to a TA750 via a crossover cable.

Haven’t played with it a whole bunch…but I think the busy signal is being generated by the channel bank alone when Asterisk closes the Zap channel (via Hangup). I’m not sure if there’s a choice as to whether to send a dial tone or busy signal in the Adtran configuration, haven’t looked. I’d guess, however, that you won’t be able to fix this this by making any changes to your dial plan. But then again, I haven’t tried yet either.

Be sure and post what you figure out.

I hav a TA 750 on mine used fxo_ls on hte FXS channels