ATA for cheap?

Were doing a project and will require some ata’s for a good price for < $40. Does anyone know of any manufacturer that offer some basic ata’s that support g729? thanks.

We have a number of carriers using our IBeX ( system so we have had the opportunity to test a number ATA’s. Here is my opinion.

Sipura/Linksys units are the best options we have tested. They are not sub $40 but you can ge them in the $60-65 range.

There is one IAX ATA we have tested from Soyo, the model number escapes me but it was in the sub $40 range. Quality was marginal and there was a tendancey to lock up if you did something we never really figured out hwat caused it to go south.

Everything else we have tested was more expensive and the quality was no betterthan the Sipura/Linksys devices. One thing to note that the newer Sipura devices with the linksys colors ( had better call quality than the original Sipura devices.

Try ebay or try the asterisk biz list.

another vote for sipura/linksys adapters.

one thing we noticed, though - they can get very warm, so if you are going to be using an ATA in a cramped or low-airflow situation, you might reconsider…we literally had one of ours melt the case, but it was in a very cramped spot with no airflow whatsoever…

otherwise, they are wonderful - tons of features and options in the configuration, excellent sound quality, and (relatively) cheap to boot!