ATA device

I am looking for one ATA device that:

  1. Most importantly, does not need a computer.
  2. Can be used in 3 possible remote office locations, preferably like an extension. Meaning (a minimum of 1) R-11 phone port?
  3. Can use an available local dial-up (pop) to get internet connectivity to the main office Asterisk system. Meaning RJ-11 PSTN port?
  4. Can use an available LAN to get internet connectivity to the main office Asterisk system. Meaning RJ-45 port(s)?
  5. Preferably have a web interface to configure it.
  6. Is firewall friendly.

What would you recommend?
What would you NOT recommend?


The Linksys/Sipura ATAs are good but I don’t know or even think they do dial-up. Besides dial-up is not recommended for VoIP neither will it work.

I have just started learning about ATAs.
Can you tell me why it is not recommended and why it will not work?

it does not have the required bandwidth, you can barely browse the internet on that thing. It’s unstable and goes through the analog phone system. Nobody really seeks to know why it is so since its not a sufficient form of internet connectivity.

As far as dial up goes - I don’t know much about Asterisk related devices.

But as far as Skype goes, I have setup 2 other remote locations with this dialup modem:
Actiontec Dual PC Modem - GS002AN2-01
This unit is an analog Dial-up modem and a router/firewall. See the Description. … c=101&sp=1

It has a RJ-11 port to connect to the phone line. It is used to dialup the local ISP.
It has 2 RJ-45 ports. One is connected to a PC which dual boots Windows XP and Ubuntu.

Skype works just fine - from Ubuntu and XP. No problems at all.
The dial up connection drops maybe once a week. It is not really a problem.
We have used it where we have only dialup access.

But we cannot make a Skype client an extension on our system.

So I thought I could connect an ATA device to the RJ-45 port on the
Actiontec and avoid using the PC completely. (Besides the PC does
not belong to us, we borrow it and it will be removed anyway.)

What do you think?

Well, it sounds like its working for you but I wouldn’t recommend it for asterisk and multiple extensions/calls. Good luck with it.

Are there any IAX ATAs? Or are ATAs even defined in that context?

Currently, there are no ATAs defined.
I have just started researching all this.