Analog phone in remote branch


I have setup and running Asterisk Server @ main branch with registered SIP users at main branch and at remote branch. The two SIP users from main and remote can do video call through windows messenger 5.1 with no problem


We are planning to buy ATA = HandyTone-386 (Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter)
and this ATA will be used for two analog phones. Or to describe more, the two analog phone
will be connected directly to this ATA with RJ11. And, the ATA will be connected to the
routermodem of our remote branch.

Is this possible Analog Phone–>ATA–>routermoedem–>internet–<--routermodem—
—>Firewall—>Asterisk server ? as possible as windows messenger 5.1

Is the analog phone in the remote branch that is connected in ATA can make local call in main branch? how about making outside calls from our main and remote branch assuming that we have PSTN

PS: i only have one Asterisk Server and that is placed at main branch
please help!!


does any body have an idea


ok thanks

rocket science it ain’t.

do your routers provide VPN functionality ? if so, and they’re quick enough, then that’s an easy way to set this up, with no portfowarding to worry about.

otherwise, simply portforward at both ends the ports you’re going to be using for communications, set sip.conf up with your HO external ip address, and you should be good to go.

all this stuff is in the wiki.


When doing things of this sort, one should consider the impact of providing remote services.


Here in the United States, if you were to provide dial tone to a remote user in another city, and that user were to pick up the phone and dial the emergency number (in our case, 911) the call would be routed to the emergency center that provides services to the main site. Not the remote site. This could be very bad if it significantly adds to the response time of emergency service providers.

Toll free services are also affected. Toll free numbers that can only be dialed from certain geographic locations may not work for the remote user. Even though the caller may be in the correct location, their call may originate at a location that would not be allowed to complete the call.

If you’re just trying to provide access to the main site by adding a VOIP line, that’s usually not a problem. But if you’re trying to replace local service with VOIP service provided remotely, you should consider that it has some potential problems.