Astricon next week

Who is joining us for Astricon? What are you looking forward to the most? Any talks you are excited about?

I’ll be there.

I’m particularly interested to see what’s going on with Jim’s world for STIR/SHAKEN, Corey’s for contact centers, CERN’s Asterisk installation, and for Peter’s Voice Biometric identification.

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I’ll be there, Looking forward to all the talks, I always wish I could be in three at once.

Maybe we should do a forum meetup?

I’ll be there. I’m excited about the CERN talk but also many others. What I’m most excited for is putting names and faces together. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Matthew Fredrickson

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I’ll put in a plug for Leif and Doug’s workshop on Tuesday, even if it does conflict with AstriDevCon (must split myself into multiples…)

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Michael Keaton made a movie about that.

What could possibly go wrong?

@satish4asterisk @david551 @navaismo any of you guys at Astricon?

I would have loved to but unfortunately not John.

Enjoy the Astricon.

I m sure we’ll bump into each other some day in future



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