Asterix VOIP / ISDN

Hi Community,

I am totally new on Asterix and will probably ask something stupid, but is this possible?

If I connect to my PC via WLAN (let’s say with an Iphone) from a foreign country, can I place a local call via Asterix through my ISDN card and only pay the “local communication”?
Or should I use something different than asterix, if then which open source software?

Thanks for any answer.

Hi you could, or just sign up with a voip provider and pay even less for the calls. have a look in the apps store there are many there.


Yes, for sure, but where would be the fun of that all?

Iphone was just an example, an other smartphone…if this would work you can then used what ever with WLAN/LAN and mic+headset as very cheap telefon.

Does someone know if this could work?


Yes of course it can be done. But unless you have a server and understand the security issues and are happy with that. Then its simpler cheaper and more reliable to use a ITSP.

We have customes using Iphones Nokias Blackberrys and various win mob devices, But to run a server to make just "cheap"calls isnt economically worth it as the costs of running a dedicated server will outweigh much if not all of any savings