AsteriskNOW and Asteris GUI

Hello Team,

I have a problem with AsteriskNow and accessing voice mail. It seems to be really easy but I am having a hard time to get around this.

After installing AsteriskNow (Asterisk Version 1.6) with the asterisk GUI Interface, all my phones work fine (LinKsys SPA941). However, the MWI doesnt work at all. I have configured *97 (Feature access code) to access voice mail on the PBX and also on the IP Phones and there is no way the lamp gets on when I leave a voice mail to a user. If I press the evelope button on the phone, it will go to voice mail with no problem and I can listen to them.

For testing purpose, I Installed another AsterisNow (Asterisk version 1.6) with FreePBX GUI and configured two of my Linksys phones to point to this PBX and the MWI work like a charm. I am using the same feature access code (*97)

Seems to me there is a bug with the Asterisk GUI ???

The whole point is that I would like to use AsterisK GUI instead of FreePBX. but with this issue, there is no way.

Any help is muchhhh appraciated…!!! :mrgreen: