Asterisk with TRIXBOX

Dear all, I am new here and seeking for help here. :blush:

Few months ago, before the birth of AsteriskNow, I installed Asterisk Business Edition in RedHat OS, together with Trixbox components.

My question are like below:

  1. Based on the research from mighty GOOGLE, it seems like I have make a silly mistake for installing TRIXBOX in Redhat, is this true?
  2. I have duplicate records in my CDR table, besides, I have duplicate audio files too, which I am quite surprise to see that. :exclamation:
  3. It seems like I have 2 PBX system in my server, which are Asterisk and Trixbox… is that correct?

I would really appreciate it if you could help me to figure it out, as i have spent sometime on this but nothing comes out :blush:

Hope to get good news from you` :laughing:

trixbox is a complete package including the operating system [CentOS], asterisk, freePBX and a few other packages. the usual installation is from an ISO burnt to CD… when you install, it wipes the HDD clean, installs CentOS and then installs asterisk and the other stuff.

its hard to say what you have done, but with the mess there, a fresh start might be the easiest way out.