Configuring Asterisk With Digital PRI card in UBUNTU

I have asterisk installed on my Ubuntu Machine and with little efforts i am able to do extension to extension call using two soft phones installed on other Systems.Now ,i have a digital PRI card with me that i want to add into PCI Express of the machine to make it able to do inbound as well as outbound calls.Also, i have installed libpri and DAHDI installed in my asterisk.

So,by taking above mentioned scenario as reference i have two questions:

What Configurations i need to do in UBUNTU to make PRI card installation Complete?

After fixing PRI card into PRI Express Slot,what i need to do to configure into the Asterisk?
Also,if there is any other technical things needed to take care ,please suggest me to help me take this further.

Thanks in advance.

Contact the card vendor.

Some information for DIgium brand cards should be in but note that these forums are for the open source software, not for the Digium brand cards; Digium have their own support channels for those.

You will also need to contact your network operator, as it is fairly clear that you don’t know the technical characteristics of their service in enough detail to do the configuration.

Unless you are competent in the startup mechanisms for UBUNTU, you should use CentOS, as that is the primary target for the installation processes.


If it’s a Digium product for which you paid, your first stop for Support should always be: