Asterisk with ISDN PRI line

Hi i am planning on installing a ISDN PRI line (24 channels) to be used with the DIGIUm TE120p and with asterisk… i will be running VICIDIAL which is not compatible with chan_capi… now with my setup will I be running chan_capi?
I am a bit confused with the reason why we use chan_capi?


Not 100% clear what you mean, But a Te120 uses chan_zap, and unless you have a BRI card installed you have no need for chan_capi at all.


ah ok if the card uses chan_zap then it should be ok then… it is so confusing sometimes when googling around… some webpages states that isdn does not work properly and some says it works fine :S

i got another answer that ISDN BRI uses chan_capi not ISDN PRI so i guess that my setup should work