Asterisk w/Commercial VOIP Service

A friend of mine in NYC has some VOIP lines that we use for business. I have an Asterisk server in Miami which we’d like to have answer the phones when no one is available in the NYC office. The caller would then be allowed to either choose an extension which would either be my phone in Miami, his phone in NYC or another associate’s phone which would be in Atlanta.

I don’t have the particulars of his VOIP service yet, but I was wondering if anyone else could comment on how we’d make this setup work. My Internet connection is extremely fast, his is a little slower, but I think it could work. Comments, ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

Does asterisk really interface with the new VOIP services? My previous tests with this proved that people like Vonage, etc…would not work with Asterisk because they want to force you to use only their equipment and services which they can charge for.