Asterisk Voicemail - customized thank you message

Hi Asterisk experts,

I need to customize the auth-thankyou message.

After leaving the message when i press # i see the following.

-- User ended message by pressing #
-- <SIP/mysip-0000000a> Playing 'auth-thankyou.gsm' (language 'en')

Is there anyway i can customize it per voicemail box?

Thank you

It’s only configurable from the perspective of different languages.

ohh i thought there might be a way to add in the voicemail config like some of the other custom files.

Thanks jcolp sir

I would assume that since you know the name of the file, you could just replace it with a same named file of your choice. Certainly no penalty for trying.

Thats easy but then it will be for every customer. I can change the language thats the only way i can see at the moment.

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