Voice Mail Blues

Dear AsteriskForum,

I have been a lurker for quite a while and I guess I finally took the plunge and registered for an account. After tilting back and forth on whether to use Asterisk or Asterisk @ home as my default installation, i am at a huge road block on the concept of voicemail.

My client wants to set up a voicemail system (easy enough) but doesn’t want to just have extentions but also the ability for each person to personalize their own extention greeting. It doesn’t seem that Astrerisk has this function as of yet, which In my opinion is far more important then playing a cheesy MP3 in the background. I am sure some of you astute Asterisk users will already suggest putting a custom welcome greeting for each user in the conf file. Yes that is a fantastic option but what if the user wants to change the message on the fly, and doesn’t have the time toto encode his voice onto a wav file and has given it to me!

This is really more of a bell/whistle obviously, but is there any agreement? Am I write or wrong here?


Is this above assertion correct? Is it possible for me to set up a

Huh ?

You might want to TRY the voicemail menu and LISTEN to the lady…she is telling you how to personalize your messages.

The asterisk VM is not less powerfull then the “complicated” cellphone mailboxes where you have like 28972340 options :smiling_imp:

In short:
1-unavaib. message
2-busy message
3- name
4- temp. moved
5- password change
*-main menue

If you go through ALL functions the Asterisk VM is offering, your wife will celebrate the next x-mas without you… :wink:

I don’t think you understand what I am saying.

  1. Person A has a phone number to a PBX (555-5555)
  2. Person B has a mailbox on A’s PBX (EXT : 154)
  3. Person B wants to have a personalized greeting when you leave a voice message such as “Hi my name is Person B. I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave me a quick message I will be sure to give you a call back at my earliest convience”

I know 1 and 2 are easily possible. Does Asterisk allow a user to personalize a greeting over the phone? Is there a option in the menu for Person to B to setup his mailbox perferences. Is there one available? This is what 3 is trying to establish


I don’t understand what you are saying.

When person B calls in and gets his mailbox, he presses * to break out of the intro message and is prompted for his password. He enters the password and is then prompted with the menu for his mailbox where he can change the password, greetings, and other options by pressing 0.

What is Richard saying that doesn’t match what you are expecting?