Asterisk version 13.30 show the error dahdi ------ Span 1: Channel 0/5 got hangup, cause 18

I im using Digium 2 port card with asterisk 13.30 on the CentOS Stream 9 release kernel 5.14 and libpri verison 1.6 and dahdi latest version (3.2) here issue is i’m unable to send a outbound call due to dahdi issue can you solve this problem as soon as posible.

Asterisk 13 is no longer supported.

Cause 18 is:

- no user responding [Q.850]
This cause is used when a called party does not respond to a call establishment message with either an alerting or connect indication within the prescribed period of time allocated.

Thank you replying david551 after i have change the asterisk 18.15.0 with DAHDI 3.2 and libpri 1.6 on CentOS stream 9 release but Now i’m again got same error
How to find out what is exact solution for this error.

but if i’m execute with all configuration on the CentOS 7.9 (platform) that time it will be work .

David please reply my comment

If David wants to respond, he will. Asking him to reply 4 hours after your last comment when he’s probably not even awake won’t work.

I didn’t mean to say sorry if you feel offended

I’m not an expert on DAHDI, but it sounds to me like the problem is with what is at the other end of the line, but to confirm that, you would need to enable logging of the protocol. A quick google suggests this as the method:

Thank you for suggesting .

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