Asterisk v. Ventrilo for light users?

I’ve got gamer applications in mind. I read on a blog about Asterisk being an OpenSource alternative to Ventrilo.

I dislike the current system of paying for Ventrilo hosting, especially when there’s a perfectly good VOIP system right here in OpenSource. In the previous generation of Ventrilo they allowed hobbyists to set up proper servers with no license fee, but I think their main motivation with the last update was to do away with that. We still can, but we’re limited to 8 users, and our teams have 5-25 people depending on the match and we may have more than one match at once.

I searched these forums for a reference to Ventrilo and found just one, with not much meat. Is Asterisk a viable alternative to Ventrilo for gamers who have a free linux box but don’t want to write much/any code?

Well im asuming your basically looking for alarge conference call type of thing.
Asterisk would do this. Each gamer would have to download a software phone to their pc and dial into a conference room running o the asterisk server.
Look into asterisk and conferencing features this should put you on the right lines