Is Asterisk the good choice for my need of chatroom?

Hello Community

I’m looking for a software product to answer the following need:

During a specified period of time (let’s say 3 hours), several members of my crew, should be able to chat either with all others, or with a specified subset ; they should be able to talk and/or write.

Like a mix of (the now broken) skype software and a regular chatroom.

Am I looking in the right directions with Asterisk? I have a basic knowledge of what it it, but never actually used/run it.

My skill level is high (sysadm + developer).

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Asterisk will take care of the voice calls part. Chatting is a different story - has nothing to do with Asterisk. I think Asterisk is not the best choice for your use case.

Buuuut can use the SIP Messages to create the chat room or add asterisk to openfire.

Oh Asterisk and OpenFire that sounds nice! Any leads about that?