Asterisk/Trixbox with Static IP

I have a Trixbox 1.2.3 setup and all is working fine. I am considering changing my IP address to the Trixbox to a Static IP address. I fully understand how to configure the IP through the netconfig utility but my question is this…

If I switch from a dynamic (internal IP, i.e. to a static IP provided by my ISP, how do I configure my SIP (i.e. Sipura 2100, Polycom 301 phone) to point to the Trixbox since it no long has an internal IP address.

If anyone has information on this or any “words of wisdom”, they would be greatly appreciated.

If you can’t just use the new IP directly, how about using as an alias such as eth0:0 ? You’ll have to configure the route of course…

first off, if your Asterisk box is behind a NAT as it is now, then assigning a public ip address isn’t going to be much good … it simply won’t work unless whatever is providing the NAT interface can route traffic for you.

if you’re going to put it outside the NAT as you have multiple public addresses available and a properly configured router and firewall, then you simply use it’s public address.

if you just want external clients/phones to connect to it, you’re much better off setting your firewall to forward the ports you want to use to your Asterisk server and set externip= in sip.conf to be your public address.