Trixbox with Proxy..please read suggestions wanted

I’m setting up a system for a client that uses a proxy for their lan pc’s to connect to the internet. They have given us a static LAN address of to use for the Trixbox server and all the phones connect to the server fine but I’m having a difficult time getting the server on the internet. From my laptop I have to go into the lan settings and select use proxy server and put in alfond1 with ports 8080 to get it to work. How do I put alfon1 8080 in my Trixbox or Linux in general. I don’t see how I can do it by using the netconfig command. Any support would be greatly appreciated, thanks

I would suggest ask them to allow the * server to directly connect without a proxy. You might be able to get some kind of proxy tunnel system that will pipe the * traffic thru the proxy, but IMHO it wont be nearly as useful as if you just open a hole in the firewall.

If they ask, you need:
for SIP, port 5060 udp and a range of udp ports defined in rtp.conf. By default it’s 10000-20000, but you only need about 100 unless you have a large call volume.
for IAX, port 4569 udp

The following thread might help;

will you please stop posting the same link to every thread you deem is a NAT issue !!!

as you’re so knowledgable about this now, go to the wiki at and contribute to the pages there about SIP and NAT.

I already contributed to the wiki. Besides I thought it wiser to direct them to a relevant thread instead of re-typing similar info into threads with related issues, don’t you think?

this is a question about using a proxy server. it’s not about NAT. or didn’t you see that ?