Asterisk transfer an answered call

Hello everyone…

I have this situation:
office with analogue answering machine, ip phones and BRI Trunks.
The customer would like to be able to insert the answering machine, to hear the caller’s message begin on the answering machine to understand who called,and then to be able to decide to answer if necessary from ip phone.
I would like to be able to transfer the call or join it in order to then exclude the answering machine and speak to the caller.

Can anyone give me some advice?
Thank you

I believe the Bridge() application will do this, although you may need to make a note of the incoming channel name in a global variable.

Thanks David … I had imagined such a thing …

Do you think we can also exclude the answering machine channel from the bridge?
It is connected on an analog card

If Bridge works, I would expect it drop the original bridge and terminate the original dialplan thread. I haven’t used it on bridged calls, and I used it before there was a big rework in masquerading, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work that way and completely take over the incoming channel.

When the call is answered by the answering machine that means the calling and called channels have been bridged. This is an actively bridged call. If you’re going to want to pull this active channel away from the answering machine channel during the active call you will need to perform a transfer of sorts. That can be done with the AMI Redirect action.

You would need to pull the call with that action, call the IP phone and then use the Bridge() app to bring them together. The other options is to Spy/Barge in on the call but it will still be connected to the answer machine.

This comment:

rather implies that the target being in a bridge is considered the normal case, and you can only be in one bridge.

Also, before the masquerade rework, it was done with a masquerade, which is how channel redirect worked at the time. There would have been a loss of function if you could no longer pull a channel out of a bridge.

I’d suggest the OP should just try it.

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