How to make a transfer and hangup

Hello There,

I have asterisk registered with a sip provider and I try to do call transfer. But when I use the redirect action, Asterisk dial the number I want to transfer the call to then it bridges the new channel with the first one.

My problem is that I don’t want Asterisk to stay in the communication. Is there a way to achieve this ?

scenario I have
X <-> A
X transfer A to B
X <-> B
X <-> A
A and B can talk but there are two channels bridged in my Asterisk

scenario I want
X <-> A
X transfer A to B
A <-> B

Transfer application.

Note this has or had poor error handling and only supports blind transfers, although both pre- and post-answer.

There is a good chance that the ITSP will reject it, and if they accept it, they will almost certainly charge it as though it was a new outbound call.