Asterisk To Avaya using H323 Protocal

Hi ,
I tried to make call from Asterisk 1.4 to Avaya using H323 protocal . I have done the below steps to achieve this . But i am not able to achieve . Please help me

  1. In Asterisk I have done a configuration in h323.conf file. The content is



The content of the extensions.conf file is

exten => 118,1,answer()
exten => 118,n,saynumber(567)
exten => 118,n,wait(1)
exten => 118,n,Dial(H323/40001@Avaya,40,Ttm)

I am making a call using ekiga command in command line .
ekiga -c h323:118@

  • First the call goes to 118 extension in the extension.conf file . Then it say number . Then it will wait 1 sec . Then Asterisk will make an outbound call to 40001 extension in Avaya .

Please help me what are steps which i have to do in Avaya Side . If you have an any avaya configuration for this , Please send me .
I have done some configuration in Avaya . But it doesn’t work .
The steps are

  1. change node-names ip command in cm(communication manager )
  2. I have created signalling group
    display signalling-group 42
  3. I have created trunk-group 42

Please he me how the asterisk extension 40001 , goes to avaya and what Avaya will do further

Very few people use h.232 and the code is not frequently maintained. Is there any reason why you cannot use SIP?

To proceed with h.232, you need to provide verbose console traces and whatever protocol debugging is available for h.232.

In SIP , Avaya requires SES . That is the reason , i went H323 .
Do you have any document for Asterisk to avaya using h323 protocol . I want to make call from Asterisk to avaya, What are the configuration which i have to do in Avaya side .

The chances of any regular contributor to the forum having such a document is small. You need to search the web, possibly

My guess is that connecting to Avaya with H.232 is very rare and it is likely that no-one who has done it has written it up.

You are better off with a T1/PRI hand-off between Asterisk and Avaya. There’s probably already a T1 port open on the Avaya for this. If it’s connected to the telco, then put Asterisk in the middle in a “pass thru” mode to the Avaya.

Perhaps this would help … k-and.html