Asterisk to asterisk via IAX2

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I’ve got a question about an asterisk to asterisk connection via IAX2.

Let’s say we got two asterisk servers (asterisk1 and asterisk2), the asterisk1 server has an integrated PRI card with 4 different connections.
Is it possible for a telephone connected to the asterisk2 server to use an outgoing connection via the PRI of asterisk1?

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Yes, it is absolutely possible.

iax.conf: … l#id568757

connexting 2 Asterisks via iax2 protocol: … y_id291291

about iax in Asterisk wiki: … Id=4817132

Yes. That is a fairly common usage (although typically the second Asterisk is operated by an ITSP - but that isn’t relevant to the feasability).

Same goes if the Asterisk - Asterisk connection is SIP. I usually use SIP for these scenarios.

Thank you all for your help.

Now I will dig into the documentation.