[Help] : How we connect asterisk server to another asterisk

hi all,
please anybody tell me that how we can connect one asterisk server to another asterisk server on sip .


I’m not by any means an Asterisk expert, but since you aren’t getting answers yet I’ll try to give you as little as I know about this.

Having said that… (others correct me if wrong… very likely)

To connect the two boxes the key is to use IAX2, for this I think you have to go to etc/IAX.conf on one of the machines and put registration parameters (i.e. name and secret pass… etc) for the other box to register via IAX.
something like:

type= peer
username= john

On the other box you go to IAX.conf and place a register line in order to connect tothe first one, something like this:

register => username:password@remote-host
register => john:1234@box1.com

On both of the boxes you also go to the etc/extensions.conf and put a line that provides a way for the user to access a context that forwards the call to the other box.

again, you better cross check all this info since there may be profound conceptual mistakes.

hope it helps somehow :laughing:


Most people use IAX when connecting 2 asterisk machines because the IAX protocol combined with the GSM codec actually provides you a connection with good sound quality at a fairly low bandwidth cost, and it is supposed to actually scale well for multiple concurrent calls.

If you’re using AMP, you can check out the following and see if it helps: