ASTERISK + TDM11B + PSTN incoming


I am new to this forum and fairly new to asterisk.
I have a requirement to setup an asterisk server in LAN. Then make incoming calls from outside PSTN network.
I have a PBX. Can I use a DIGIUM TDM11B on the asterisk server for making calls from PSTN to an application server having a SIP extension.

 PSTN ----------------- PBX ------------------fxo-- TDM11B(asterisk)--eth0-------------------- APPLICATION SERVER


Hi Nixetra,

Well, I am also new in this forum. Yes you can use TDM11B with your asterisk for your PSTN line.

I have also configured TDM2400p in my office with freepbx and it’s working great with no issue.

If you need configuration let me know.


sohaib Khan

Thanks Sohaib for you reply.

I would like to know about you configuration.
Also could you share a diagram of your setup as well if possible.


Hi Nixetra,

I have not made any diagram however i can explain it here also try to make diagram :smile:

CAll comes to PSTN number (local landline number) ------> PSTN line plugged in my tdm2400p card----> it sends to asterisk -----> where my asterisk define call routing.

also let me know your email address so i forward you my configuration, I don’t know how to attached anything here in forum posting… if there is a way let me know :smile:


Sohaib Khan

Thanks again Shoib,

My email id is