Asterisk System Connectivity With Cisco Phones

Hello Everyone ,

We have configured and connected Asterisk system with cisco phone 6921 . But we are not able to connect cisco phone with latest models e.g 7942 , 7975 , 7911 etc… Can anyone know how big models will work with asterisks .

Thank you so much
Rizwan Majeed .

How exactly are you trying to connect them? What have you tried? What is the configuration? What doesn’t work? What happens?


We will have to connect it with a given IP address so that we can receive call from them.

I have already install the asterisk on a server and create an account.

just need to configure but don’t know where to start.

Configuring Cisco 79xx phones with Asterisk

By default most Cisco VoIP phones come configured for Call Manager, which uses the ‘Skinny’ protocol – SCCP.
Asterisk has 2 implementations for this channel (required for the 7910/20):

Skinny implements a very basic set of telephone functions and ships with asterisk.
SCCP has implemented more of the SCCP protocol, so some class 5 features (hold, transfer, forward, etc) should work.

However, the 7905/7912 and 7940/60 can be reconfigured to use SIP (recommended for use with Asterisk):

The 7905 doesn’t have Speakerphone (only a speaker for call monitoring or on-hook dialing), its SIP image has by far the best user interface of all cisco SIP phones, plus it’s nicely compact, and the display even has a higher resolution than that of the 7960. The 7912 is the same as the 7905, but with a built-in ethernet switch.

The 7912/05 phones use a different configuration file format and syntax; for more information about configuring these phones please refer to ((Cisco 7905/7912 IP Phones)).

With the right Cable, 79xx series phones can use standard POE injectors. They also work out of the box with Aironet power injectors. (N.B., the wrong cable may damage your phone!)

let me know if it helps.

kapil Sharma

Hi There ,

Sorry for late replay . I am trying to connect 7942 cisco phone with Asterisk server .
I have done firmware 0.00 slot 1 and uploaded load file . I have also done edit basefile edit option with this command SIP42.9-4-2SR3-1S .

But still its not working . I am new on asterisk server so please guide .

Thank you so much .

I have config extension and done mapping as well but its showing that its not registered .