Asterisk - SySmaster?


I was looking for information about Sysmaster and I this is what I found!!!

So guys!!?? What do you think about that??

So What, many IP systems are Based on Asterisk. Whats your point !

What about GPL licenses?

Did the owner of the sysmaster box request the source code for whatever gpl applications from them and was denied? Or, another possibility, is that they are licensing it from Digium. The CVS version of asterisk… is very… old…

Wow I didnt see that coming :wink:

Have a read of the following … ensing.php

Then email sysmaser and Digium to check what licence they have :wink:

But you also may want to look at all the other IP pbxs and add them to you list as well.



I will sell sadzas-PBX !!!



There is no problem with that, Just make sure that you either release the source for any changes you make, or get a licence.
You can call it what ever you like.