Asterisk dejara de ser libre

Que tal

tengo una consulta, alguien xfa me puede comentar si es real que asterisk dejara de ser libre y que fue comprado por la empresa 3Cx y solo sera posible tener con la versión libre un mínimo de 8 extensiones y una troncal ?



The trademarks for Asterisk are owned by Digium and the oversight of the Asterisk project is provided by Digium. Digium has not been bought.

You’re probably thinking of Elastix - a project that incorporates Asterisk?


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Hi Malcolm

Not, i am thinking in Asterisk. but not was sold ?

elastix if was sold?

You know how it can affect us and what alternatives I have to not use aslastix reason of its sale.


The Asterisk trademark is still owned by Digium. We haven’t been sold. Asterisk is still available under GPLv2 or alternative licensing - as it’s always been.

Elastix -


I have another case please if you can help me.

Lol or google translator or you know how to read spanish @malcolmd :sweat_smile:

Please open a new thread, and if is posibe try to make your post in english because most of the Asterisk experts of this comunity are not spanish speakers


Is another case, only attach it to this but if you click on the case can go to the thread.


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If you have modified the extensions_override_elastix.conf and still doesnt work, I suggest you post the issue on the new Elastix comunity forum they willl better undestand the Elastix dialplan


TKs for you help.

FreePBX has been sold to Sangoma, Elastix to 3CX. That is not an issue at all for Asterisk users who are accustomed to command line and configurations files, but just the thought that asterisk could be sold to a proprietary company would be a tragedy to the opensource community around the world.

Thank you

You’re right. It is understood that you know much about asterisk, I congratulate you.