Asterisk supports MIPS cpu?

Can asterisk1.6.2.x be compiled and run on a MIPS cpu?
If so, what extra settings should I do?
Thanks a lot.

AFAIK, both asterisk v1.4.x and v1.6.x are well supported by OpenWRT. One can download a pre-built asterisk binary package or build the asterisk binary package from source. For me, my preference is to build from source and package the asterisk into a firmware for the device to host.

I have an old Netgear WGT634U device flashed with a self-built and stripped-down version OpenWRT firmware + asterisk- It has been running flawlessly to host my Asterisk PBX system (asterisk- Previously, I had my Asterisk PBX system hosted on a mediocre FON2100 device. If you are interested to run a GUI asterisk (FreePBX) on a Linux embedded system, then have a look @ this PlugPBX.