Asterisk stuck and no longer responding

Asterisk stop responding to REGISTERs and SIP signalling with high load after a while.

Version: 18.17.1

SIP module: chan_sip

Use Case: We are using Asterisk with ARI and Nodejs to create and handle channels/bridges.


  1. Asterisk not responding to REGISTERs and SIP signalling anymore
    2. Existing calls can continue
    3. Asterisk has not crashed and exited
    4. from the CLI we can do some commands with no problem, however some core show channel channelID/BridgeID will cause CLI to stuck.

When this happens we need to restart Asterisk service to fix it.

Core dump file:
core-asterisk-running-2023-11-05T20-11-47Z-full.txt (5.6 MB)

chan_sip is deprecated in favor of chan_pjsip, can you try to upgrade?

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