Asterisk Deadlock

About once a day around 5 pm, asterisk will stop accepting new calls and sip registrations. The CLI seems to respond normallly until I type ‘core restart now’. It seems to ignore this command and go to the next line. I read some similar problems on google without any real resolution to the problem. I am starting to get some very unhappy customers and am hoping that somebody has found a fix to this issue. I’m running version 1.8 if that helps. Thanks

Version 1.8 is not really precise enough. The bug may have been fixed in later versions of 1.8.

This is characteristic of a deadlock. You might be best off starting by upgrading, if necessary, to the latest 1.8.x.y version. If that doesn’t help, you need to follow the guidelines in … rADeadlock to identify the exact problem and submit a bug report.