Asterisk stops recieving calls

I have an asterisk@home ver1.3 server that runs extremly well for about 2 weeks at a time and then it stops revieving incoming calls. Outbound still works but any inbound the caller just hears ringing until they hangup. When you reboot the server the probems go away. Anyone else had a similal problem?

Upgrade to at least version 1.5 of @home… 1.5 is conciderably more stable release (imho). The newer ones are good too… just happen to have a conciderable 1.5 deployment with very little problems.

Do you use agents to logon to your system in any way?

are you using a digium card to receive calls from the PSTN? this is a recognized problem. try updating as suggested. if that does not solve the problem, you may need to run a script that reboots your machine at midnight once a week.

I’m having the same problem, except it only works for about a day before it stops receiving calls…
While rebooting the server via script is an option, it seems to me that there could be a way to actually fix this so rebooting is not needed…
any ideas?
p.s. I am using *@h v 2.6… Although AMP says that it is running * version 1.2.4, but i’m assuming those two are unrelated…