Asterisk doesn't take call after initial start


I’m running asterisk 1.2.18 on Slackware Linux ver. 11.0 (Kernel
I’m using a Sangoma T-1 card (and also tested this with a Digium T-1 card)
I’m starting asterisk from /etc/rc.local like this: /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk -U asterisk -G asterisk

Asterisk starts just fine without any critical errors…

However, when I make a test call from the “outside” (Ie. using a cell phone) asterisk answers the call but pressing any extension will result in just rolling into the extension’s voicemail (the phone never rings). Once I kill the asterisk process and start asterisk again everything works fine (this time placing a call from the outside will cause the dialed extension to ring).
So, right now if I reboot the server I will always have to restart the process manually.

Does anybody have an idea whats going on there ?


Several users/developers criticize safe_asterisk’s reliability and versatility. You can try to write your own start script, search for a ready one, or troubleshoot the hard way.

The first thing I would look at is: what’s the status of a called channel after reboot. According to your description, all channels have this problem, so just check any channel. Also, when you say “kill the process and restart”, do you use CLI> restart now or use system kill?