Asterisk / Software Integration


we recently switched to an Asterisk PBX. Our old PBX was integrated with our in-house software and we programmed it to do the following

Each phone was ‘paired’ with a PC next to it. We wrote custom software for the PC that was essentially a soft phone that ran parallel to the phone next to it.

All incoming calls to that phone would be shown on the PC with the caller id and we could then also look up the caller in the customer database and show that info as the phone would ring.

The program would allow the user to pick up the call without using the phone which would then allow them to immediately start data entry with the calling customer.

It would allow them to hang up on a call, put a call on pause and switch to other calls

Now the question is what do we need in order to get the same functionality using Asterisk.

Development of the software is done under windows

thanks for any help

Michael Salzlechner
StarZen Technologies, Inc

You can use the AMI to do that.


looks like this might be exactly what i need. I started playing with it using and in general it seems to work. One issue i am having right now is that some of the events do not seem to fire such as teh AgentLogin and AgentLogoff events

Michael Salzlechner
StarZen Technologies, Inc

made some pretty decent progress but am running into an issue that i could use a pointer if someone knows

i am able to monitor our queues now. When the application starts it gets a list of all queues and members in the queue. Then using events i can track members going in and out of the queue

when doing this i get a location for each member as well as a name

Now i am trying to get information on that ‘member’ but i am having a hard time relating a member’s location to for instance a channel that i could use for a status query on the channel.

i have been looking around online. Is there some better documentation on the manager api/events that i might have missed?


Michael Salzlechner

If you want to monitor queues and agents I recommend you the Queuemetrics software.

The basic documentation is provide by

manager show commands


manager show command xxx

As you need to be a programmer to use AMI, you can also look at the source code to resolve any ambiguities in the documentation.