ASTERISK software in config status does not have any notes in 4ed. book

To all:

I am attempting to finish the make menuselect configuration however I got to the part about
"UTILITIES" and there is NOTHING about it that I can find in the book. Is there a place i can go
to get good info? Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!!!


Unless you have a specific need for any of the utilities then it’s safe to ignore them.

Astcanary is only used when running asterisk with realtime priority (nothing to do with Asterisk realtime which is completely different).

the astdb2x stuff is for converting older asterisk internal databases to the current format.

aelparse is a utility to check the extensions.ael configuration file before feeding it to asterisk.

astman is a is a full-screen (terminal) client for Asterisk’s manager interface.

check_expr and check_expr2 are for evaluating asterisk expressions externally to asterisk.

conf2ael translates asterisk dialplan code to AEL dialplan code.

muted connects to AMI and will adjust the audio of your system if you get a call apparently.

smsq looks like it’s a CLI interface to enqueueing sms messages somehow.

stereorize Merge two mono WAV-files to one stereo WAV-file.

streamplayer takes a raw TCP stream and pipes it to music on hold for Asterisk


Thanks for the brief input on utilities! Is there any in-depth written info
on them?


No I do not believe so, You can search the Wiki to see if anything is there at

I had to read the source of each program to determine it’s use to reply to you.


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