Asterisk Social

When every Telephony System provides you a passive method to dial a call, how many of them provides you an option to smartly use your private and corporate contacts to be handled at a single place? I have been in IP Telephony industry for around 5+ years and while my course, I have had interaction with Nortel (now acquired by Avaya), Cisco, Alcatel, Digium and many other IP Telephony systems. None of them could provide me a mechanism to use my Mobile contacts in my IP Deskphone or vice versa. There isn’t any feature of integrating my private contacts with my work contacts or my official CRM contacts.

My concept is an OS and Browser independent web based solution comprising of single or multiple applications with an ultimate goal of phonebook synchronization for IP Telephony, Asterisk to be more specific. I am looking for a solution that can handle my private contacts including Google contacts and my mobile phone contacts, synchronized with my office extensions and my corporate CRM. This would be equivalent to Social Telephony where I will be having an option to share my vocals to anybody – ranging from my official contacts to my private and personal ones.

Anybody aware of any such solution? If yes, do comment back as it would be a wonderful product to use.

I’ve seen Fone-U and toyed with the APIs a bit - I’m not sure who is actually using it. We used it for a while to do differential routing between two internal PBXs.