Asterisk / SIP Question

So I just got a new sip phone. It is connected via usb to box A in my bedroom. Box B is in the living room and is running asterisk connected with a Zaptel card to a POTS line. I’m having trouble setting up the phone. Does does box A with the sip phone connected to it need to also be running asterisk? Is there a default asterisk config file for SIP clients? How do I set up box B to be a SIP server to box A? Both box and b sit on the same lan. Any help is appreciated.

BOX A doesnt need asterisk, your sip phone should have a web management or something that you set the IP of your asterisk server, along with the username and password you set in the sip.conf file on your asterisk server for that particular sip phone.

Depends what asterisk you got if u got default file or not. Just search google for sip.conf…look for the voip wiki this should help