Asterisk sip peer for voip solution

Hello Everyone,

I need a solution for voip system , following scenario is
the primarily set out to accomplish the given task. Please go with

  1. SIP peering with MAC authentication is required to establishing
    connection between Asterisk main server and Astersik clinet nodes
    accordingly(Example: Main Asterisk Server A will be connectd to multiple
    Astersik Client like B,C,D E node with SIP peer connection). Open VPN will be used at
    remote client sides for tunneling.

  2. A soft switch need to registered at Asterisk main server A, whenever user
    will call at soft switch, Asterik main server A will pass all calls to
    authenticated channels based on predefined asterisk clients MAC

Do you have any problems with setting up the system or do you need someone to do it for you? I that case you should post in the Jobs forum.

Also, I don’t really understand item 2. Like most netowrking applications, Asterisk works at the network layer, i.e. IP addreses, not at the link layer, MAC addresses. Although MAC addresses are suggested as SIP resource names, that is only because they are relatively unpredictable, large, numbers. They will not be naturally available outside the local ethernet broadcast area.

Also, in SIP terms Asterisk is both a client and a server, even for the same SIP device.

My feeling is that you have been given an over-specified requirement and you actually need to follow the advice at and find out what you are really trying to achieve.

As already noted, it also looks like you want a complete design, which is something hat needs to be done as paid consultancy, not just hints or a solution to a very specific error.