Asterisk as SIP "bridge"

Hello everybody,

I’m interested in Asterisk as a private user for a special VoIP scenario.
Before digging too deep into it, I wanted to ask some experienced guys,
if my idea makes sense at all:
I’d like to connect to a local Asterisk server using SIP, which then should
forward each call to an existing commercial VoIP/SIP server and vice versa.

Something like:

VoIP client (e.g. X-Lite) <-> Asterisk <-> SIP server
|-------- localhost -----------------------| |---- Internet ----|

Does this make sense?

My motivation for doing this is, that there is no working SIP client for MacOS X Leopard at this time, which is able to communicate with
the SIP server I need to access. I hope, that Asterisk being a very advanced software for networking might work on my Leopard system.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Walter,

thanks for the fast response. I guess, I’ll give Asterisk a try then.