Asterisk sip.conf from MySQL and readtime

It seems that there are different ways to moving SIP.conf to database.
According to we have
Asterisk sip mysql peers … ysql+peers

Asterisk sip conf from mysql

Asterisk RealTime Sip … alTime+Sip

If someone knows that if there are differences between those three implementations.


The current documentation is here: … +structure

[quote=“malcolmd”]The current documentation is here: … +structure[/quote]

So if I understood correctly, I am supposed to follow this instruction to fix my Asterisk working with Database.

The link I provided is to the database schema for sip peers with mysql. The other links you provide should give you the general overview with respect to dialplan.

And one more question, I am trying to log in another Asterisk set up with a real time SIP.conf.
After that if I would like to see all the sip users on that Asterisk, I used "sip show users"
But I got the following response

Asterisk*CLI> sip show users
Username Secret Accountcode Def.Context ACL NAT

I am quite sure that there are SIP peers properly set in that Asterisk. So I was thinking if it possible that “sip show users” does not work with realtime. If so, how I could fetch SIP user details from Asterisk CLI if realtime SIP is set