Asterisk service problem

Hi everybobdy

I’m trying to work with asterisk in a server linux suse 10.1 but the asteisk’s service don’t start.

asterisk:~ # service asterisk start
Starting Asterisk done
asterisk:~ # service asterisk status
Checking for Asterisk dead
asterisk:~ #

I saw the message log file and:

Nov 10 12:17:35 NOTICE[7833] cdr.c: CDR simple logging enabled.
Nov 10 12:17:35 WARNING[7833] res_musiconhold.c: Unable to open pseudo channel for timing… Sound may be choppy.
Nov 10 12:17:37 WARNING[7833] chan_iax2.c: Unable to open IAX timing interface: No such file or directory
Nov 10 12:17:37 WARNING[7833] loader.c: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: speex_preprocess_ctl
Nov 10 12:17:37 WARNING[7833] loader.c: Loading module failed!

Any idea?

what’s with the cross-posting ? if’s not as if you’re not getting answers on your other thread.

not getting the answers you want ? read the sticky at the top of the users forum and post some debug-enabled logs.