Asterisk Sendmail Configuration

I want to change my outgoing mail address for my Asterisk sendmail how can i do that, One more thing i want to change the Voice mail template, want to add my company name and other details in that mail template, which my Asterisk sends to user upon receiving any Voicemail to his account

Please help !!

Please help ??? Ok, how about Please Use The Wiki !! … email.conf

Thanks for the posting reply
But being very specific i want to change outgoing email address in sendmail for voicemail,

and second thing is to edit default mail template used for sending voice mails on Asterisk.

Will try searching voip-info as well.


why search ? the info is on the page i linked to. fromstring, emailsubject and emailbody are the bits i think you want.

edit : and “serveremail”

Thanks for your great help It really helped me to explore things

Actually there was separate file #include vm_general and vm_message
i just edited both files and everything is fine with my box now.

Thanks again

that’ll be a FreePBX install then :smiley: