Asterisk send bye to clients using different ports in a call


I use Asterisk 18.7 with PJSIP on the default port. In this call, between two sip clients, asterisk response from 3 different ports, this make a client crash.
In the sip signal log, I hide my ips like this: (caller) → (asterisk) → (callee)
I don’t know if this is a normal behavior of asterisk or not. Please help!
asterisk_send_bye_using_different_ports.txt (19.7 KB)


Asterisk is always using 5060. It looks like you are capturing this from the wrong side of a, not particularly clever router:

Via: SIP/2.0/TCP

You should disable any application level gateway feature.

In any case, you haven’t told us which channel driver you are using.

If you want to see what Asterisk is using, you should use “pjsip set logger on” (or “sip set debug on”) and look at the verbose or full logs.

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