Asterisk SDK

I am new to develop call center programming , if any body have Asterisk SDK or SoftPhone SDK .Please send to me.

   Please Help me  :frowning:

check or google for open source SIP stack.

also is a great site many answers can be found there faster than this forum.

Asterisk itself does not really have an SDK. Most of the way you interact with * is via a SIP or IAX connection, which are both documented protocols. You also have the manager interface (text-based telnet interface that lets you manage most things about *) which is an API (probably available on voip-info) and there is also AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) which has another API.

there is also a page on voip-info regarding open source applications including softphones. Or you could try talkign with one of the bigger guys like xten/counterpath or sjlabs and see what they can do…

good luck developing your application!