Asterisk SDK for iOS and Android Devices

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help me on below requirement

I’m looking for Asterisk SDK for iOS and Android Devices, if so are they Open Source?

I’m trying to build an App based system which is connected to Asterisk and all the same App based user can call to each others.

Please suggest your inputs

There is no such thing as an “Asterisk SDK”. If you’re actually talking about a SIP solution for iOS and Android, those exist.

Hi @jcolp

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Would you please share SIP solution for iOS and Android.

In our requirement we are building a custom Mobile application that will connect other mobile user who have already installed this custom mobile application ( for example Line, Whatspp etc., ) and freely to talk

Asterisk will act as some kind of SIP server, you have to built your own SIP client using a SIP SDK like Liblinphone SDK | Linphone

Although no-one really used it, and it has been removed in recent versions, Android has a built in if not well documented, SIP phone. Even the current version has the underlying protocol libraries although I don’t know if third party products use them. That’s the limit of my knowledge on Android. I know less about iOS, except that you cannot expect to make a SIP call to an i-Phone, just using SIP, as you have to use a push server, as well.

There is no reason to believe that Joshua knows anything more about these platforms than he has already stated, as this forum is not the right place to ask about mobile phone SIP user agents and libraries…

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