Asterisk S800i Vitelity Trunk and DID based routing

We recently purchased an Asterisk S800i appliance and have finally got it setup talking with Vitelity and our Polycom 650’s. We have a serious issue though. We have multiple DID’s that come in through our inbound trunk and no way of routing based on the DID.

It seems somewhat silly that the FreePBX implementation has easy DID routing built in, but the Asterisk appliance has hamstrung filtering that no matter what I do doesn’t seem to route calls anywhere but the ‘unmatched’ filter.

Anyone have a clue on how to get our inbound DID’s to route to different extensions? The incoming calls feature on the appliance seems weak at best.

There may be an ‘easy’ way to do this, but it is not at all apparent to me.

FYI we are using SIP trunking as IAX seems buggy.

Does nobody here have a clue?


Let me try to help. I use Vitelity, but with freepbx and trixbox.

When you route a did, please note, it isn’t sent to the box as 1213… It is sent without the “1” prefix (2135551212)

Try working from there now